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Game Resource Sharing 

GW2 Official Site:

This is the official site of Guild Wars 2. If you're interested in Guild Wars 2, want to know the latest news related to this game, you should refer to this site.


GW2 Guru:

This is a special site for Guild Wars 2 gamers. Millions of Guild Wars 2 gamers form all over the world gathering there to share their ideas and suggests, and you can also read the latest news related to gw2 there. 


GW2 Skill Build Editor:

This is a tool, used to match the skill and traits and something else in order to reach to an ideal effect.


GW2 Gold Resource:

This is a reliable place to buy gw2 gold. When you want to enhance your character, you can visit this site. Tons of GW2 Gold in their stock, so that you can receive your gold in a short minutes.


D3 Official Site:

This is the official site of Blizzard, you can read the WOW, D3, and other games news produced by Blizzard there. 


Game Information:

If you are keen on games, you must know this site. This is a site to share kinds of games there. 

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